Ulangan Bahasa Inggris

I. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word.

  1. Do you … to buy a book? Yes, I want to buy it very much.
  2. Would you like something to …? Fried rice or fried noodle?
  3. My name … Jenny. I am 15 years old.
  4. All people must consume …. It makes us healthy.
  5. Mother cooks … for our lunch.
  6. I cut the vegetables with a …. It is easy to do.
  7. I take a bath with …. It is really refreshing.
  8. Andy’s hobby is collecting stamps. He is a ….
  9. The gardener always cleans and sweeps the floor with a ….
  10. We can buy some meat at ….

II. Answer the questions correctly.

The Firmans consist of five people. Mr. and Mrs. Firman, Tuti, Reni and Siti. Each person has their own favorite food. Sometimes Mrs. Firman is confuse to prepare the menu. Today, Mrs. Firman has a lot of time to cook, so she wants to cook her family’s favorite menu.

Mr. Firman likes soto very much, Tuti likes soup but Reni and Siti’s favorite are fried chicken with sauce. Mrs. Firman goes shopping to the market near her house.

  1. How many persons are there in the Firmans?
  2. Why is Mrs. Firman confuse?
  3. Arrange these words into good sentence!

Buy – can – magazine – a – you – the bookstore – at

  1. My father likes to read a newspaper. The negative form is ….
  2. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph (How to make jelly)
    1. Pour mixture into a bowl
    2. Stir well until crystals dissolve
    3. Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals
    4. Add boiling water
    5. Add the cold water and stir
    6. Refrigerate until firm
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